WordPress or Squarespace?

"Which platform should I build my site on?"

is something we get asked a lot here at Arrow. If this new year you find yourself asking the same question, this guide is definitely for you! Over the next few weeks, we will be doing a series comparing some of the most popular web design and e-commerce platforms against each other. This week we are comparing design platforms Squarespace and WordPress. Let’s start with WordPress.



Many of your favorite brands and large companies are built on WordPress, and with good reason.

WordPress offers more flexibility than most platforms, both in terms of pricing and design functionality.

A WordPress site can be designed entirely using custom code as well as built from hundreds of thousands of template based layouts. We advise customers that WordPress can become more complicated and sophisticated as your business does.

The core WordPress.org site is free. WordPress hosting prices depend on what functionalities are needed with the site (check out our hosting packages here)! 


Building a site with WordPress is less intuitive than some other design platforms, especially for those less tech savvy.

We have customers come to us often saying that they tried to build their WordPress site, but found it too complicated and too hard to get started. While there are plenty of tools that can make the design process much easier, these tools can be hard to find if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.



It can be a one-stop shop for someone just starting to build their website and branding. A Squarespace package can include the site itself, a custom URL, marketing tools and a slew of other features.

The drag and drop nature of their template based sites can make it super easy for anyone to create a site for their business. Email and phone customer support is readily available, and the Squarespace website includes a robust help database to help you along the way.


While a lot can be done with Squarespace, customization of a template is possible, but significantly more limited than with WordPress. Code can easily be injected throughout a WordPress site to manipulate and dazzle; this capability is less available on a Squarespace site.

Cost. As of 1/3/20 a basic Squarespace package costs about $16 per month.

This includes the site, but not the domain/URL.

Video. If including videos on your site is needed they need to be uploaded to an external site first (YouTube, Vimeo). This requires an additional step in uploading content for your site, as well as requires depending on the performance of an additional website for the content of your site.

Overall, both of these platforms are reliable and can be used to create a beautiful site that represents you and your business. Questions? Want to discuss which platform might be right for you based on your specific needs? Book a free consultation here or shoot us an email at sales@arrowagency.org.


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